We often receive calls and emails from happy owners. Read below to hear what some of them are saying about us!

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Thanks so much for the valuable information. Ginger
is such a wonderful, sweet and well behaved puppy.
She  fits right in to our family and we are truly
blessed. You can certainly tell that she came from a
loving home. We got her all set up with her vet and
she got her other shots/meds today. Thanks again
for the wonderful puppy and who knows...maybe she
will need a little brother or sister in the future!-

Take Care! Thanks Whitney

P.S. -
on going potty and
Acrate training have
worked wonderfully.
Poodles are such
small little
Hi Cooki,

I just wanted to thank you
for Sara.  She has such an
awesome personality!  She
is a joy to have.  She loves
to play in the hose it is so
funny to watch her trying to
catch the water in her
mouth, she also tries to
catch butterflies. When we are doing yard work
she is in the middle of everything
. I love her so
much. If you ever have a black female I would be

Darlene Estelle Rogers
It was as though you knew we would be a
perfect match and it was as if I picked him out myself!  
You had so many beautiful puppies but you just seem
to know that “Rascal” was just meant for me.

I have never seen anyone like you, Cooki, who is more
caring and love your dogs so much that you make sure
they get good homes and people who will love and
care for them like you do.  Anybody that buys a puppy
from Cooki can guarantee that puppy has been loved
and taken care of as if each and every one of them
were the only one she had.  She will also provide you
with instructions and any help you may need on raising
your new puppy.
My whole world
opened up and I
had reason to look
forward to the next
day and all the days
to follow I found
“Rascal” .

Judy M. Mattes
“Rascal’s Mom”  
She was watching television with us last night, we
fascinated.  She is so bright  and is adjusting

We put her in her crate last night kinda late and she
just whimpered a couple times and slept all night
until 7:30 this AM.  We are really enjoying having a
little  Puppy again.

Love, June & Bob  
(Never a dull moment). Ha!
Thanks so much for the
beautiful little girl Sugar.  
She is a joy to have and
very lively.  She has figured
out  how to run around the
circle in our house. Our
kitchen is Open.  Bob said
to tell you she is so
entertaining we just love
watching her.