Our loving family is comprised of my husband and I, and our
wonderful son. We have been breeding puppies for over 20
years, and are very particular about our breedings. We not only
plan for them we prepare for them. All of our dogs are extremely
well kept and are very much loved, as they are a HUGE part of our

If you purchase a puppy from us, you can be assured that your
puppy has had the very best care medically, emotionally and
nutritionally since birth. We take great pride in the fact that our
puppies are raised in a clean family environment. Our puppies
are outgoing, happy and friendly, which is a result of their
exposure to a lot of love and attention from the day they are
born.  You can be assured that when our puppies go off to their
new homes, they are very well socialized and in excellent health.

     Meet our precious Rosie, she is mom to Bruno ( he loves
being outdoors with his mom) and Rocky (his favorite spot is
mommy's lap). Adorable Plato found his forever home and now
works as a therapy dog.
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Quality bred puppies raised in a loving environment.

Guaranteed Happy & Healthy!                                   We are
not a kennel.

For information on available puppies, please
email or call us at (352) 377-2958